“I like to always step out of my comfort zone”

"As a lawyer, I have always been focused on legal technique. However, throughout my career, I have also developed commercial skills that have helped me to better understand the clients’ needs and to offer them the service that is most adapted to their requirements”.


Legally advising public entities, private companies and public-owned enterprises, mainly in the following areas:

  • Legal advice on the design and legal format of service management systems, both direct and indirect (concession agreements, mixed[AFP1]  economy companies…);
  • Designing and implementing public-private partnerships in the development of public infrastructures. This is done by reconciling the compliance of public debt limits with acceptable conditions for the private sector;
  •  Advising on water-related services that constitute the “integral water cycle” (including: harvesting, purification, supply, sanitation and water treatments);
  • Designing, planning and executing the necessary legal proceedings for the implementation of large retail facilities;
  • Providing legal advice on the development and modification of urban plans regarding project implementation. Advising on urban planning proceedings; and
  • Advising tourism companies (such as -hotels, campsites…).
  • Law Degree, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona