“Our education and extensive experience gained from the sectors in which we develop our activities enables us to approach every problem in an effective and efficient manner, and to offer solutions that go beyond legal counselling and provide the client with added value.”

  • Legally advising commercial distribution businesses in their territorial expansion by supporting them through the entire implementation process.
  • All around advising in the purchase of Real estate assets (large retail establishments, business parks, residential buildings, hotels, warehouses, land, etc.).
  • Providing legal advice in civil court proceedings, especially in the field of commercial distribution (agency and distribution contracts); Real Estate and Construction; Bank Litigation on complex matters, etc.
  • Advising in business refinancing processes and in pre-bankruptcy analysis.   
  • Law Degree, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Masters’ Degree in Real Estate and Construction, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Lecturer in training specialization courses at Universitat de Barcelona through Foundation “Les Heures” and Barcelona Activa.