Carlos Alonso Santamaría


Practice areas:

Public Law


Real estate and construction

Commercial Distribution

Public Infrastructures

Public Services

Tourism and Leisure


“ I always like to get out of my comfort zone. ”

I am a lawyer very focused on legal technique, but I have also been incorporating, over the years, commercial skills in order to better understand the needs of the client so that I can offer not only the best service, but the most suitable for your requirements.


Advice to public and private entities, companies and public companies, mainly in carrying out the following works:

  • Advice on the design and legal configuration of public service management formulas, both direct and indirect (concession, mixed economy company…).
  • Design and structuring of public-private collaboration operations for the execution and operation of public infrastructures, making compatible the fulfillment of the limits of public indebtedness with the establishment of conditions acceptable by the private sector.
  • Legal advice on the various activities that make up the integral water cycle (capture, purification, supply, sanitation, purification …).
  • Design, planning and execution of the legal procedures necessary for the implementation of large commercial facilities.
  • Legal advice on the development and modification and of urban planning and management instruments, aimed at the materialization of specific projects. Advice on urban discipline procedures.
  • Advice to tourism companies (hotels, campsites …) on issues related to the sectorial administrative regime of their activity.


Graduated in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in June 1995. Professor of the “Graduate in Commerce and Distribution Management”, taught by ESCODI (Escola Superior de Comerç i Distribució). He teaches classes in the University Master’s Degree in Law at the UIC. He teaches seminars at various conferences and seminars related to his areas of specialization.