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The spanish central economic-administrative court (TEAC) now admits the reduction of 60%

Three recent Decisions by the Central Economic-Administrative Court (TEAC) have come to unify the criteria regarding the income tax and the VAT on houses leased to companies to be transferred to their employees. The criteria applied by the Tax Administration – and stated in various Tax Consultations to the Directorate-General for Taxation (DGT) ‚Äďrefused the […]

After mortgage floor clauses and mortgage expenses … now comes the increase in the value of urban land

As we all know, the constitutionality of the Tax on the Increase of the Value of Urban Land has been called into question by using different arguments for several years now. The essential reason on which the discrepancy is based is that as a result of the rules that regulate it, the transfers of real […]

The MAPIC experience

Manubens Abogados participated in MAPIC, one of the largest European fairs in the international Real Estate market.  Mapic was attended by almost three thousand five hundred companies and over nine thousand participants participated in this edition. This year, the Manubens Real Estate team has been represented by Carlos Manubens, Founding Partner, together with senior partners […]

Attending MAPIC 2016?

Having attended Mapic for a number of years now, we have established strong relationships with international retail clients, retail investors and developers. These relationships have allowed us to deeply understand the real challenges companies are facing when looking to expand into Europe. This has allowed us to showcase our experience and insight to ensure companies […]