eva pich manubens

Eva Pich Frutos

Managing Partner

Practice areas:

Public Law


Public Administration

Real estate and construction

Commercial Distribution

Public Infrastructures



“ As a lawyer I try to empathize with the client’s problem – making it my own; and apply all technical knowledge and experience to design customized solutions that are useful. If they exist, if there aren’t, I’m also very frank. ”


Advice to companies and public companies, mainly in carrying out the following work:

  • Due diligence for the acquisition of commercial equipment, strategy in the expansion of companies in the territory, procedures to guarantee market unity, advice to the City Councils on the regulation of trade within their territorial scope.
  • Design of planning modification operations to make possible the execution of projects, regularization of illegal urbanizations, challenge of planning instruments, negotiation of urban agreements.
  • Environmental audits, advice on procedures for obtaining comprehensive environmental authorizations, in the processing of Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Advice to AA.PP in the organization of its structure to achieve maximum efficiency and in the adoption of measures to adapt to public debt requirements.
  • Advice on the regulation of airport infrastructure.


Graduated in law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in June 1993; works as an associate professor in the Administrative Law Area of ​​the same university; teaches classes in the Master of Public Management organized by the Pompeu Fabra University and the Autonomous University; teaching sessions at conferences and congresses.