Georgina Bergos Civit

Team leader

Areas of practice:

Commercial law


Commercial distribution

Family business

Foundations and non-profit entities

New technologies

“Quality at work, respect for people, and rigor are my mottos. To contribute my grain of sand for a more just, balanced, honest and respectful society is my dream.”

I am characterized by being very involved in the problems and issues of the client. I like dealing with him, studying his case, planning, deciding the strategy to follow to defend his interests, accompanying him in his decisions, imagining, finding and implementing the most appropriate solutions.

Knowing and understanding what what the client wants, what their objective is, what their needs are and then working together to achieve it and achieve it efficiently, provides great satisfaction.

I believe that any client relationship must be constructive, positive.

I like working with companies that have values, that are competitive, that strive and fight for their dreams. And especially with the people behind the companies.


Advice to companies and public companies, mainly in carrying out the following work:

  • Transactions in real estate operations. Contracts for works, projects, leases, sales, payments and signals, earnest money, usufruct rights, etc. Legal evaluation of real estate.
  • Negotiations for the sale of companies and assets of the company, preparation and drafting of the legal Due Diligence and the preparatory and sale contracts.
  • Negotiation and drafting of all types of commercial and commercial contracts: distribution, agency, purchase and sale of products, supplies, licenses, know-how, manufacturing, loans, guarantees, etc.
  • Negotiation and drafting of real estate development, land purchase, exchange, building sale and financing contracts.
  • Negotiation with clients, resolution of international inquiries about investments and contracting.
  • Constitutions of companies, operation and adoption of resolutions of the decision-making bodies, drafting and revision of the Bylaws of all kinds of companies, increases and reductions of capital, liquidation, dissolution, reorganizations of companies, mergers, splits, takeovers, social transformations, constitution of branches, acquisitions, sale of shareholdings, legal audits, exercise of rights of shareholders and partners, contracts between partners, collaboration agreements between companies, joint venture.
  • Litigation of unfair competition and defense of competition. Business liability for defective products.
  • Advice to companies on the rights of consumers that affect the manufacture of products and services and sales activities.
  • Secretariat for Associations and Foundations


Graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona; Master in “International Trade and Legislation” at the Barcelona Bar Association, with postgraduate courses in “European Community Law” at the Barcelona Bar Association and the Catalan Pro Europa Board, “Advanced International Legal Studies”, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, “Special Course for Tax Experts and Societies Secretary”, Abat Oliba University College. She is also a Diploma in “Program of instruction for Lawyers. Negotiation Workshop. “By Harvard Law School.

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