victor bescos manubens

Víctor Bescós Tomás


Practice areas:

Labor Law


Public Administration


Sports clubs

Foundations and non-profit entities


New Technologies

“ A fight is an exciting game of chess. You have to carefully calculate all the moves and take care of the relationship between all the pieces. ”

The Labor Lawyer not only has to focus on the legal issue. Many times your decisions do not merely have a legal component, but also a strategic one, with a business sense, even in matters that are not purely collective. … My father and mother were job consultants too. He came from the HR Department in companies with more than 1,000 employees, and he always recommended that I analyze the impact of each issue on the general policy of the company. It also helped me to start by dealing with non-labor matters in a firm mainly specialized in labor law. He gave me an overview of the law that has helped me a lot in my professional career.

I would define myself as a pactist, but forceful if the conciliated solution fails.


Ongoing legal advice for companies in Labor Law, highlighting the following functions, among others:

  • Performing functions of Interim and Part Time Manager of HR of companies with between 50 and 500 workers. Design of labor hiring policies, of flexibility and distribution of working time in companies with high frequency of Part Time, and of Telework policies and outsourcing of services.
  • Participation in Mediation and Labor Arbitration processes.
  • Advice on termination of contracts for disciplinary reasons with technological or electronic evidence.
  • Study and write economic objective dismissal letters in Company Groups.
  • Advice on Procedures for Substantial Modifications of individual and collective working conditions, preparation and negotiation of Extinction and Suspension Employment Regulation Files (ERE and ERTE) in Company Groups.
  • Specialist in ERE and ERTE of companies in bankruptcy situation. Advice on the procedures for the sale of Autonomous Productive Units in tenders.
  • Specialist in Business Successions for labor purposes in the field of contracts and sales of companies and Productive Units.
  • Assistance to oral trials before the social courts.
  • Drafting of Labor Supplication Resources
  • Advice in Senior Management and in framing of Directors and Directors in the different companies in a group of Companies and in family companies.


Graduated in law from Abat Oliva University; Master in Corporate and Tax Law from the Abat Oliva University and Master in International Labor Law from the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate at the Dept. of Political Economy, Public Finance and Financial and Tax Law, University of Barcelona and Special Course for corporate executives and tax experts at the Abat Oliva University.