victor bescos manubens

Víctor Bescós Tomás


Practice areas:

Labour Law


Public Administration

Air Transport

Sport Clubs

Foundations and Non-Profit Organisations


New Technologies

“A lawsuit is like a thrilling chess game. You must delicately calculate all the moves and bear in mind, at all times, the relationship between the pieces”


Ongoing legal advice to companies on Labour Law, especially in the following fields:

  • Interim and part-time HR manager in companies with 50 to 500 employees. Design of policies for recruitment, flexibilization and distribution of working hours for companies with a large number of part-time workers, as well as policies regarding teleworking and outsourcing.
  • Employment mediation and arbitration procedures.
  • Legal advice on termination of contracts for disciplinary reasons with technological or electronic evidence.
  • Analysis and drafting of letters of dismissal on economic grounds in corporate groups.
  • Advice on proceedings entailing material modifications of both individual and collective working conditions. Preparation and negotiation of permanent and temporary redundancy plans (respectively known by their Spanish acronyms: ERE and ERTE) in corporate groups.
  • Permanent and temporary redundancy plans (ERE and ERTE) in bankrupt companies. Advice on the procedures to sell independent production units in insolvency proceedings.
  • Labour law related to company successions in the area of contracts and the sale/purchase of companies and production units.
  • Attending hearings before Labour Courts.
  • Motions for reconsideration before the Labour Chambers of the Superior Courts of Justice.
  • Legal advice on senior management and the appointment of directors and board members in corporate group companies and family businesses.


Law Degree, Universitat Abat Oliva.

Master’s Degree in Corporate and Tax Law, Universitat Abat Oliva.

Master’s Degree in International Labour Law, Universitat de Barcelona.

Postgraduate Degree at the Department of Political Economy, Public Finances and Financial and Tax Law, Universitat de Barcelona.

Specialisation Course for Company Managers and Tax Experts, Universitat Abat Oliva.

Languages: English and French